We are local camra pub of the year 2019!…

We churn through a good amount of really good cask ales. We always aim to vary the range with different colours, strengths and regionality on offer. We also stock an extensive range of bottled, continental beers, most notably from Belgium.

current and “next on” CASK BEERS..

Wainwright (Thwaites) 4.1%

Our current favourite...A refreshing straw-coloured beer with soft fruit flavours and a hint of sweetness from the fine malt.

Bass 4.4%

Just brilliant. Amber beer that many were brought up on. Not seen so much nowadays so worth a trip out!

Loxley Ale (Milestone)  4.2%

A darker golden, pleasantly refreshing. Brewed just 20 miles north of us.

Lancaster Bomber (Thwaites) 4.4%

Distinctively recognisable with real maltiness, yet sessionable enough!



Rutland Beast (Grainstore) 5.3%

Tasty stuff with a dark colour and full flavour. A true winter warmer!

Pedigree (Marston’s) 4.5%

Renowned. A true British classic ale.