We are local camra pub of the year 2019!…

current and “next on” CASK BEERS..

Wainwright (Thwaites) 4.1%

Our current favourite...A refreshing straw-coloured beer with soft fruit flavours and a hint of sweetness from the fine malt.

Bass 4.4%

Just brilliant. Amber beer that many were brought up on. Not seen so much nowadays so worth a trip out!

Loxley Ale (Milestone)  4.2%

A darker golden, pleasantly refreshing. Brewed just 20 miles north of us.

Lancaster Bomber (Thwaites) 4.4%

Distinctively recognisable with real maltiness, yet sessionable enough!



Rutland Beast (Grainstore) 5.3%

Tasty stuff with a dark colour and full flavour. A true winter warmer!

Pedigree (Marston’s) 4.5%

Renowned. A true British classic ale.